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IMG_20171130_224428_803On a freezing cold night at Ellesmere Port Catholic High the Brewers were slow to warm up but ended up cruising to victory.

Almost a year on from their last home defeat, inflicted by Wrexham, the Brewers seemed to struggle with the sudden drop in temperature, failing to get their act together as they trailed 16-14 at the end of the first.

But this season’s Brewers are a very tough side and got their act together in the second, forcing turnover after turnover and drawing foul after foul as they owned the stanza and went into half-time with a 32-30 lead.

Once the momentum had swung battling Wrexham began to fade. As the points dried up the fouls increased, leading to the ejection of the player who battled hardest all night for them, Pablo Gonzalez.

Such was his intensity that despite his early exit he received the MVP nomination, the home side respecting his never-say-die effort.

It was not enough to save the Warriors however. After their strong start they lost three straight quarters. Even blood injuries to Brewers’ top performers Jake Cooke and Martin Flanagan could not shift the balance of power.

In the end, led by top scorer and LMC Lighting and Electrical Services MVP Mike Embaye, the Brewers extended their unbeaten North Wales Basketball Association Senior League run to five games, opening up a four-point lead at the top of the table.