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Brewers and Triple Double Hoopwear unveil stunning 10th anniversary kit

17th October, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Brewers Basketball has agreed a new kit partnership with Triple Double Hoopwear to mark its 10th anniversary season.

The deal not only sees TDH design a fresh new kit for the Brewers this season, but will also include shooting tops, training tops and merchandise – with details on what you can buy and how to be confirmed soon.

This agreement, supported by the club’s main partner LMC Lighting & Electrical Services, is a significant step forward for the Brewers as the club’s first wide-ranging kit and merchandise partnership.

“This is an incredible thing for us to announce and we’re really excited about it,” said club secretary Ben Scott. 

“When we originally started looking for a new kit supplier for our milestone year, we spoke to a number of businesses about bespoke options. But Adam Gosling at Triple Double Hoopwear really shared our vision not only for the look and feel of the Brewers as a club, but also how we could really start to build a strong visual identity that reflects the values the club stands for. 

“Now the kit has arrived it looks fantastic, the fit is great and the design looks better than some pro teams! We’ve already played one game in it and we can’t wait to get back on court in it now!”

“We’re really pleased to be chosen to join Brewers Basketball Club to help them commemorate their 10th season with one of our custom deluxe kits,” said ” said Triple Double Hoopwear Director Adam Gosling. “The Brewers are the first club in the NWBA to represent TDH, so we were very eager to give them a look that would be the envy of their rivals.

“We spent a long time creating the design of the kit so we could produce something both clean and timeless that would compliment their original script logo and colours perfectly, giving them a classic look we hope they’ll be very proud of.”

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If your club needs fresh basketball gear – whether for training, 3×3, local or national league teams – visit www.tripledoublehoopwear.com.