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D2 Playoff semi: Bromborough Bulldogs 80 Brewers Lite 35

29th May, 2024 | News | 0 comments

An epic debut season came crashing to a halt as the Brewers Lite ran out of gas in the ppost season playoff semis against Bromborough Bulldogs.

After a season that was longer than anyone within the Lite anticipated, the playoffs proved a stretch too far for rhis fledgling team as the home side ran riot from the start.

Bulldogs have been strong since the divisional split at Christmas and were always favourites to take the win, but the Lite have made a habit of surprising people this season, and head coach Ben Scott hoped they could deliver one last time.

Sadly it was not to be. Despite impressive performances from Theo Harrison, Hayden Kavanagh, Alex ‘AJ ‘ Jones and Andy Caine, supported by veterans Adam Lloyd, Aris De Guzman Al Challenor and Alec Doyle, the Lite simply couldn’t stem the tide as the Bulldogs turned the screw.

Andrew and Andrei De Guzman stepped in to get vital minutes alongside MVP Hubert Paluch, playing in his final game for the Brewers, but the Lite were unable to get their game going as they bid farewell to their slender title aspirations.

“I have to say that is an unusually heavy defeat for this team, which indicates that perhaps this was a game too far this time around,” said Scott afterwards.

“Playoff basketball is tough. It’s what every team competes for through the season. I’m impressed however that the Lite made it into the playoffs. That was definitely not the plan when we started the season.

“Our goal was to pick up a win or two and give newer or younger guys an opportunity to play, guided by someof our more senior heads.

“What happened however was that these guys and girls took what we were giving them and ran with it. They surprised everyone with their toughness and their skill and the result was that we came close to making the top division before the split and afterwards our confidence generated momentum that broughht us here.

“Yes, we ran out of steam in this final game, but every single player here today – and every player who has appeared for the Lite this season – should be immensley proud of themselves. They have surpassed every expectation we had of them and that is a huge achievement.

“Whatever the future holds, I can’t wait to see what these players can achieve after this. I am currently the proudest coach in the North Wales Basketball Association, and that’s a fact.”

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