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Last Orders with Ben Scott: Finding Answers

15th November, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The Brewers Lite have had a busy 3 weeks comprising of two games on the 24th of October we completed a hard fought win vs Bromborough Bulldogs but we followed this up the next week with a tough defeat by Wirral Raptors.

I can’t fault the commitment and effort the team put in on the court and despite only one of the results going our way we take a huge amount of confidence from both games. this leads us to tonight’s (15th Nov) game against Wyddrug Magic, This is another competitive game for Brewers Lite but as always, when playing against a well organised team such as Mold we will really need to bring our A game on the night!

In the current and future editions of Last Orders we will be supplying Ben with a question and answer section so you can learn more about Ben and the team. if you have any questions you would like answering please message us on any of our socials or via emailing us thebrewershoops@gmail.com

Question (Q): What is your reflection after your first 4 league games of being the head coach for the brewers lite?

Answer (A): It feels early for a recap of my first games as Head Coach of the new team and it’s certainly been a rollercoaster! The team have gelled really quickly and despite being a mix of long serving Brewers and first season rookies are starting to work together as a team. And it’s not just the 5 guys on the court, the turnout we’ve been getting to training on a Tuesday night has been phenomenal.

Having to balance all this interest and single it down to pick just 12 for the matches has been an unexpected challenge. There is competition for places all over the court so maintaining a fair and consistent approach is key.

Q: Has anything unexpected occurred during these first 4 games?

A: Well, if anybody would have told me that we’d have 2 wins from 4 games in the pre-season I’d have bitten their hand off! It’s certainly a much stronger start than we could have dreamed of and sets us up with a fantastic foundation to build on for the rest of the season.

Q: Do you have any early predictions for Brewer Lites end of season awards?

A: While there’s still months to go before the End of Season awards but there are already a few names that jump off the list to me, but I’ll be giving away no hints and with so many games to play, and so much competition for each position, it really is an open playing field!

That’s all for this edition of Last Orders with Ben Scott but in the next edition we will be finding out what are Ben’s top five Christmas films and much more.

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