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Last Orders with Ben Scott: It’s gonna be a wild ride!

5th February, 2024 | News | 0 comments

So here we are – the second half of the season and Brewers Lite are competing in Division Two of the North Wales Basketball Association.

There’s no surprises there – our expectation when we started was that we would go into the lower tier of teams being a brand new development side.

What was unexpected however was just how competitive we have been. Obviously the club as a whole has been very successful in attracting new recruits to the game locally, and we have benefitted from that with some extra experience and depth helping the younger and less experienced guys out.

But recent results have not just been built on a few new recruits! As a team we have successfully taken on the club mantra of tough defence and hustle – something we showed in recent games against Ellesmere Port Panthers and Cheshire Raptors.

Both of these teams would have expected to put a ton of points on us, but were held down through hard work and commitment and in both games we even gave ourselves a shot at a shock victory – even if in the end it didn’t quite come off! On another day, one or both of those could have gone our way, which is mind-blowing when you consider these teams are both Division One title contenders we were facing.

For me it comes down to building a strong foundation on sound fundamentals. Everyone wants to be flashy and dynamic on offence and that is important. But what we are focused on here, and what this group of players in particular has devoted blood, sweat and tears to develop in an insanely short timespan, is team defence.

If the score is tight, you always have a chance and the fact these guys are all laying on the line for each other every single time they step out is amazing.

The performances against Raptors and Panthers didn’t just show our technical ability, they showed our bond. This team has only been together since September, some players less time than that, but already there is a chemistry and a connection that sees guys fighting for each other so fiercely you’d think they had been together for years.

Development side or not, based on the performances I’ve seen this team is capable of almost anything. If we stick together and execute the plan with courage and commitment, it’s going to be some ride to the end of the season!

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