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Last Orders with Ben Scott: Stepping up

9th October, 2023 | News | 0 comments

As you’ve probably read in Lloyd’s Special Brew, 2023 has been a momentous year for Brewers Basketball.

We have added a second team to our roster with the purpose of bringing though new and returning players and allowing for some focus on key aspects of the game. I’m honoured to have been nominated as Head Coach for the Brewers Lite team. While it’s a new challenge for me, I am looking forward to what we can achieve over the next few years! 

Long term Brewers Lite will give us two major benefits. Primarily, it will provide a springboard for progression by making sure all players in the club receive the same training, learn the same plays and culture and get meaningful minutes to solidify all their training before being called up!

Brewers Lite also fits hand in hand with our club mission and values: to provide a friendly and accessible place for anyone to play basketball regardless of ability or fitness. 

While Brewers Lite is only in its early stages, we are already seeing players learning and developing their skills dramatically! Ash Millington revealed himself to be a bit of a defensive monster against Mold Magic in our first league game, Jan Santos and Andrew De Guzman are getting better and better while competing for our starting PG spot and there are many other success stories in the making across the squad! We have some exciting times ahead without a doubt! 

Speaking of Mold, our first ever league game was a baptism of fire! The newest team in the league vs the reigning league Champions – oof! 

That said, for 35 minutes of the game we executed our plan really effectively. Every basket was contested, the defence was working really hard and, for the most part, we handled the full-court press that Mold brought against us. At the other end of the court we created some good opportunities. The scoring may have been slow in the first half but it accelerated significantly in the second! 

This was always going to be a virtually impossible task for game one, but we’ve taken huge confidence from the effort and performance that the team put in on court and are already looking forwards to our next game against Wrexham Raiders.