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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Brewers Family Values

25th September, 2022 | News | 0 comments

This club is like a family – through good times and bad, everyone here knows there’s a group of guys they can lean on.

On the face of it that seems obvious, but I’ve seen so many teams that have imploded when their backs were against the wall. There have also been a few who have imploded at the height of their success.

With the Brewers there has never been any ego issues – it’s always about the team and supporting each other – whether we were going unbeaten on our way to the Welsh National Title or going winless after Covid, our core has always stuck together.

Anyone who hasn’t bought into that culture hasn’t lasted long – that’s why this club is special. If you come with a great attitude and an open mind, you gain a group of mates who’ll stand by you through anything.

This week we face Wirral Raptors – a number of whom were Brewers during that title-winning run. The nature of our club is that we have no animosity between us – we have that ‘family’ connection. 

When we cross that line both teams will compete fiercely, but after the game we can sit down together with a beer, because we’ve been through a lot.

The Raptors are a well-drilled side with a lot of talent and most of them have played together a long time. Tuesday will be tough but we have put in the work and we will be ready.

Our team is shaping up well. We saw in the last game that the team started to gel in the heat of competition and I expect that to continue against the Raptors. In time playing together will become instinctive, but that is a process we are still in the middle of.

The players have been fantastic though. We have completely changed out basketball philosophy, using some simple structure to give a platform for the lads to express themselves and they have been thriving. The atmosphere in training has been buzzing and they have really bought into the project. I’m looking forward to watching them progress over the season.

It’s going to be a great game on Tuesday, so if anyone fancies coming along to watch, we tip off at 8.15pm at Blacon High School.