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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Familiar challenges emerge in big week for Brewers

13th March, 2023 | News | 0 comments

We host the league leaders Cheshire Raptors this week – always the sternest test of the season.

In fairness we were soundly beaten in the reverse fixture earlier in the season, but our team is growing in confidence together, on and off the court. We are forming a very tight bond, which sets us up well for a real test against the reigning champs.

Just like our last game against Wrexham Warriors, this is also an opportunity to show how far we have come this year. The dedication, commitment and effort I see in training every week gives me full belief that the boys will do the whole club proud come game night.

With the Playoff and Plate dates announced by the NWBA last week, it has put the club in a bit of a dilemma. These dates happen to coincide with our home venue being used for exams. Now, should we be fortunate enough to compete in either of these great competitions – and earned the right to compete at ‘Home’ – we will need to find an alternate venue.

As I have previously alluded to, basketball is growing exponentially across the country, but the lack of suitable and affordable venues is one of the biggest challenges facing volunteer clubs like ourselves at this time. Making the game affordable for players or, in the case of youth teams, parents relies on generating local business funding. With local newspapers now less interested than ever in covering amateur sport, club volunteers must work ever harder to deliver value for these sponsorships, be that through social media following or finding new ways of getting word out about their partners.

While this is something we have always placed great importance in, at some point the game will need more practical assistance. For basketball to have anywhere near a fair chance facilities need to review court prices – maybe in consultation with basketball’s governing bodies across the UK, to make the game truly accessible for all.

The volunteers and sponsors that support our club, other local league cubs in North Wales and beyond and the leagues they play in all do a superhuman job to meet the demand for this sport. But they can only do so much and without meaningful resources being provided the sport will continue to struggle. Not because of lack of commitment or demand, but because people will simply be priced out of suitable venues.

Finally we have an incredible piece of news to share – The whole of Brewers Basketball would like to welcome a new member of the team!

Guard Tim Dann and his wife welcomed their new son into the world last week. Everyone of the Brewers sends Tim and his family all our love and good luck on this exciting new journey!