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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Introducing our new coach

12th September, 2022 | News | 1 comment

On the eve of a new campaign – the Brewers’ 10th – new Head Coach Adam Lloyd reflects on what brought him to the helm and where he sees the club going.

“It’s strange taking charge of the club in this historic season, but it’s exciting!

“As a founder member of the Brewers it means a lot to me to accept this role. I remember a decade ago on a night out with a group of mates (Alec Doyle, Rob Weatherhead and Mark Pearson) sitting in the Custom House pub in Chester and just deciding together that we should form a basketball team. 

“That was 2012 and we’re still here! The idea was to create a place that anyone could play basketball – ability didn’t matter. We just wanted somewhere we could play ball with our mates and have a laugh and that remains our ethos to this day.

“Myself, I played in high school. Growing up in North Wales we had nowhere to play after the age of 16, so a group of us got together to scrimmage – that ultimately turned into Wrexham Warriors. That was 20 years ago but it hardly seems that long.

“Taking on the Brewers this season is a great challenge. We finished last season with a well balanced squad, great camaraderie and we were getting better every single game under our previous coach. There was optimism and to be honest, the end of the season came too soon for us. 

“Over the summer we did lose some key players but we’ve not sat back – we’ve worked hard to recruit new blood and add some real depth to the group. The new guys have fitted in well and we can’t wait to test ourselves on the floor.

“We know that we will be solid on defence, we have always prided ourselves on that and my own philosophy is to build on a strong foundation so that should work well. 

“Essentially basketball is a simple game. We need to remember that and do the simple things well. That way the guys can go out and enjoy the game. 

“Ultimately our goal will be to have fun, build on last year and really, I’d love the lads to get some wins this year. The work they’ve put in over the last couple of years, they deserve it more than any other group I’ve worked with. 

“Personally it will be strange not playing and coaching this year. I never imagined myself being a Head Coach to be honest. I thought I’d be like Brewers alumnus Mal Stocker-Jones and just keep playing forever so that will be a challenge for me but one I am very much looking forward to.

“It’s been a privilege to be involved with the club from day one. When we set out on this journey, I honestly did not think we would be competing for a decade. It’s truly remarkable and none of it would have been possible without all the players, coaches and volunteers we have had down the years.

“We also have to recognise our sponsors – our first sponsors the Custom House, where we were founded, through to today’s club partners Pivotal Sound and Lighting, Quarry and Castle Business Improvement Consultancy and our principal partners LMC Lighting and Electrical Services, who have been with us for half our existence now. 

“It’s this level of support that has enabled us to be the oldest amateur basketball club in Chester still active today – and that is a truly special, humbling achievement.”