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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Messed around and got a Triple Double

9th October, 2022 | News | 0 comments

On Monday night we will face Wrexham Warriors on the road and will debut our fantastic new 10th Anniversary kit. 

We have worked with Triple Double Hoopwear to create this exclusive new look to mark a decade of competition. We wanted something special to mark this milestone and after much deliberation, Adam at TDH was the man we decided to partner with. 

We gave him a mission statement for what we wanted and he delivered. His design ideas (and there were plenty of them) were fresh, he gave us a lot of advice and options, including a slight secondary colour change that has made that Brewers purple pop. We went with a classic NBA style look and boy does it look and fit great, it’s a fantastic kit.

A huge thanks, as always, to our longtime sponsors LMC Lighting and Electrical Services, their support was key to making this deal with Triple Double Hoopwear possible. 

TDH have also designed a new range of apparel for us, which looks amazing and will be ready to order very soon so stay tuned for more.

As we prepare to head to Wrexham, I think we’re going through a process of gelling as a team. We’re still getting used to each other and the new systems we are playing. It was like starting from scratch again this summer and the players have responded magnificently. 

Effort wise, we just need to keep those levels up, Technically, we really should be hitting more of our free throws, but that will come with time and practice. The lads just need to keep on doing what they are doing.

Everytime I step out at Glyndwr, it’s like a homecoming for me, I played for many years on this court. I’m a Wexham lad, born and bred, and proud of that. 

With everything going on around the town, the increased exposure because of the football club with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, there is a buzz around the place at the minute, one it’s not had for years. 

But essentially, when it comes to basketball, I bleed Brewers purple and as a team we will be ready to go at Wrexham Warriors, in what should be a fascinating game.

Visit www.tripledoublehoopwear.com to see how they could help your team find their true identity.