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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Rivalries old, rivalries new

22nd November, 2023 | News | 0 comments

This week we go up against the reigning, defending North Wales Basketball Association Playoff Champions, the always tough Cheshire Raptors.

They may have a new Head Coach and some new players, but they still have the same quality and drive that they have always had, as their results this season have shown that.

One of our former Head Coaches, Tom Griffiths is still in and around the place and with several former Brewers in the squad, it will have a familiar feel to it. Regardless of who is running the show, Cheshire Raptors are a quality team with quality throughout their squad and we’ll need to be on our A game to come out of this one with a result.

The boys have put in the work, and we have been tweaking a few things with the way we play ourselves, it’s only a matter of time until these click and we are firing on all cylinders.

As we approach the halfway point of the league, it is quite a tight affair, with the top three all undefeated so far and the next six teams only two points behind. Some of the results this season have shown that anybody really can beat anybody. With some crunch matches to come at both ends of the table as this phase of the league draws to a close in January, there could still be a surprise or two in the final standings before the divisional split.

This brings me to a game that the whole Brewers organisation cannot wait for…

Wednesday, December 6th, at Blacon High School , history will be made with the inaugural BREWERBOWL!!!!

For the first time since we launched Brewers Lite, our two teams will face each other – brother versus brother.

This will be a fantastic game for the whole Brewers community to see both sides of our family going head-to-head.

Myself and Lite Head Coach Ben Scott have taken the decision not to play in the Brewer Bowl and just to concentrate on coaching each team. I have to admit, that hurts a little, because I would have loved to have played. But it does open the door for a player on each team to step up and take myself and Ben’s places in our respective squads. 

This will be a great event in the lead up to our favourite family time of year, Christmas and we would love it if you could come down and support both the Brewers and Brewers Lite in this one.

Finally, if you follow basketball – and of course you do – you’ll have seen the incredible emergence of 7ft 6ins Montreal teenager Olivier Rioux.

His size and athleticism have seen him earn a place in college basketball in the US with the Florida Gators. But the attention on him reminds us just how diverse our game is.

People often claim it is ‘only’ for big men but that is not the case. The truth is that few sports really cater for guys who are so tall, but the reality is that for every Olivier Rioux, Vitor Wembanyama and Shaq there is a Mugsy Bogues (5ft 3), Nate Robinson (5ft 9) and Isaiah Thomas (5ft 9). What makes basketball amazing is that it is a game for everyone, of every shape and size.

The result is a community of players, coaches and fans who are both competitive and passionate but also warm, friendly and accepting of everyone. So good luck to Olivier, and those who have to guard him – we’ll be watching with interest!