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Lloyd’s Special Brew: Time to turn on Friday Night Lights

8th March, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose – as the Friday Noight Lights come on we are preparing to head across North Wales to face Mold Magic with a job to do.

People keep asking about the league standings but we’re taking each game as it comes – it just so happens the next game on the slate is against the only team without a loss in Division One so far, so we know what we are up against.

We’ve done well this seasomn but we cannot get aherad of ourselves. Taking our focus off what we do on the court and in games to worry about leagues and stats only takes away from our intensity. This is a big game and we are all locked in against one of our most experienced opponents.

Since I took over as head coach, I have never had to question the effort or commitment of the team and each week we are getting better and better. We brought some new players in at the start of the season and that always takes some time as everyone adapts, but the foundations are strong.

The effort of the players already with the club rubs off on anyone coming into the club. We have a culture around the Brewers that works and they know, from day one, that maximum effort is the minimum acceptable standard

We have put a bit of undue pressure on ourselves by having to rearrange a game early in this part of the season, due to no fault of our own. The lack of officials and volunteers in the league is something always high on the clubs agenda and something we are always looking at helping with.

Brewwers incentivises potential officials by paying for courses for them. This gives them a side hustle to make money by officiating across Wales or England but so far, it’s not been enough to tackle the shortage alone.

This maybe an avenue other clubs, and even the North Wales Basketball Association or Basketball Wales can pursue to take up greater interest to help the continued growth of the sport in Wales. At some point you have to invest in the officials if you are not attracting the numbrers you need.

We should not have to mitigate the course costs at club level and a bigger initiative is needed to tackle the problem.

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