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NWBA: Brewers 80 Brewers Lite 42

14th January, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Since the Brewers organisation launched Brewers Lite, one game has stood out – the Brewers Bowl.

This would be the game where clubmates become on-court rivals, where friends become enemies for 40 minutes in pursuit of a coveted prize – the Brewers Bowl trophy.

And so it proved as Head Coaches Adam Lloyd and Ben Scott pitted their sides against each other in the North Wales Basketball Association.

But there was far more than pride at stake. For the Brewers, this game could add important points to their total as they look to secure a place in the top five for the second phase of the season.

For Brewers Lite – established as a development team this season – it was a chance to test themselves competitively against one of the league’s top teams and try out some tactical plans that coyuld help them later in the season.

Both sides came out fired up but it was the Brewers who took control – establishing a 23-8 lead in the opening quarter.

Nevertheless, the Lite have shown this season they are not prone to giving up. They regrouped and made the game much closer in the second, with MVP Kenneh Macalalad leading the charge. Unfotrunately for the Lite, the Brewers were in fine form, their own MVP Wissam Elkak, Hubert Paluch and skipper Dave Thomas working the openings and Luke Sharland-Wong cleaning house.

Lite refused to back down as the score climbed however, John Opiala finding space to attack and Jan Santos and Hayden Kavanagh also enjoying some scoring success.

By the final quarter the Brewers Bowl was over as a contest as the ‘A’ team led 58-28 while showing no sign of easing up.

Macalalad ended on 15 for the Lite, with Opiala making 10 and Santos 6, while the Brewers top scorers were Hubert Paluch with 17, Elkak with 13 and Sharland-Wong with 12.

So the inaugural Brewers Bowl was won by Brewers over the Lite, a deserved victory for them as they continue their quest for a top-five place.

Head Coach Adam Lloyd praised both sides after the game.

“This wa a fantastic game and truth be told, the scoreline doesn’t do it justice,” he said. “It was a really compoetitive game and the Lite, bvearing in mind they are a new team and a development side, really took it to us. Every point was earned and nothing was held back, it was just our night tonight.

“Hopefully the Brewers Bowl will be an annual event. It’s been great this week, seeing the lads giving each other some good natured ribbing at the games and on social media. It’s great to see and now we can all hug it out an have a laugh about it all over a beer together, as it should be.”

For Ben Scott, the game showed how far Lite have come.

“It’s disappointing to lose but we know the Brewers are a very strong team, we train together week-in, week-out.

“But the Lite did brilliantly and never gave up. We put in the effort from minute one and were just beaten by a better side on the day.

“It was great to add a litle spice to the game with the Brewers Bowl – Everyone in the club has responded positively to the prospect of an extra prize and it’s been brilliant for the squad as a whole.

“We will take a lot from that game that will help us as the season moves on and everyone is now excited to be back!”

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