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NWBA: Bromborough Bulldogs 64 Brewers 47

31st March, 2023 | News | 0 comments

There’s a popular old saying, attributed to the great Vince Lombardi (and parapphrased by Sylester Stallone as ‘Rocky’) – It’s not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get back up.

The Brewers will put that to the test in the final few games of the season after the team over whom Head Coach Adam Lloyd earned his first win this season, Bromborough Bulldogs, gained revenge on their own home court to dent the Brewers slender playoff hopes.

Another insight from the great NFL coach Lombardi is a simple one: ‘Look the truth straight on’. In truth, on this day, the Brewers did not play the way that has brought them success against the league’s top teams.

There were flashes of inspiration from the hard-working Juan Gonzalez – who earned the MVP plaudits, skipper Dave Thomas Wissam Elkak and Jay Redbond, but they were glimpses. The team did not sustain pressure, asserrt themselves or ever look like taking control of the game.

It was an unusually slow start for the Brewers, with the Bulldogs racing into an early 18-12 lead in the first quarter. But while traditionally the Brewers struggle in the third, the script was about to change.

In the second quarter, tasked with getting back to basics and exerting some control, the wheels fell off. Nothing the Brewers touched went right and the result was a 24-6 quarter for the bulldogs that gave them a 42-18 half-time lead and would, ultimately, decide the game.

Rarely this season has the Brewers huddle been a place of anger and frustration, but so it proved as Lloyd and the players took the situation in.

One thing this squad does have, despite it’s relative newness this season, is camaraderie. They went out in the third determined to work for each other and put the terrible first half behind them.

The result that the Bulldogs were only able to extend their advantage by a single point in the quarter. Going into the final quarter a 25-point swing would prove a tough ask. but the goal of reducing the deficit to below 20 points was a realistic target and the Brewers pulled together to achieve that and remind themselves that by working together and focusing on their strengths, they are still a formidable opponent for any team.

Thew Brewers have a break now until April 18, when they face Wrexham Raiders.

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