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NWBA Cup: Brewers 103 Mold Magic 57

8th February, 2018 | Archive, Brewers Basketball, Mold Magic, NWBA Cup | 0 comments


In the second of an epic three-game league and cup series against Eastern rivals Mold, Brewers shifted gears to build a 46-point lead in the first leg of the NWBA Cup semi-final.

Mold came to Ellesmere Port Catholic High with their sights set on silverware but the Brewers cranked up the pressure from the off, maintaining a high pace in the early stages and building a commanding lead.

Visiting head coach James Morgans switched things up to try to rattle the home side but they were on a roll and the momentum stuck with them.

Despite Aaron Rey’s 23 points and an outstanding defensive performance from Rob Smith it was Kevin Ozoemelam’s athleticism that earned him the Brewers LMC Lighting and Electrical MVP Award. Mold’s MVP was Jack Bamber.

Brewers take a 46-point lead into next week’s second leg and the conclusion of this three-game rivalry.