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NWBA D1: Mold Magic 70 Brewers 61

12th March, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Confidence was in the air as the Brewers hit to road to face unbeaten Mold Magic on Friday – but it would take an epic comeback to run it close.

There’s something about Mold Alun Sports Centre. No matter which Brewers teams have played there over the years, all have had their struggles. And so it proved again as the best defence in the league seemed to fall apart in the opening quarter – Brewers trailing 22-11 athe the break.

Despite regrouping things didn;t get much better in the second, as the visitors uncharacteristically struggled to shut dow the home side and at half time they trailed 43-23.

Usually against Mold that would be game over and with only the scoring of MVP Dave Thomas (12) and Niel Gillard (25) keeping them in the game at all, head coach Adam Lloyd faced his toughest challenge yet.

Everything the Brewers do comes down to hustle and after a half-time rocket they hit the court and ramped up the effort and physicality.

That slowed the bleeding as Mold edged the quarter but found they didn’t have things all their own way.

Despite this, the Brewers were 26 points down going into the fourth quarter. Refusing to give up Lloyd made a tactical switch in an effort to launch an historic chase-down but in the early minutes Mold stretched their lead to 32.

Whether it’s hard headedness or drive, the Brewers never know when they are beaten however and they hit back. putting Mold onto the back foot.

With each score and stop the visiting team began to believe the comeback might be on, and the frustrated Mold reaction suggested they were right.

With Alex ‘AJ’ Jones and Gillard hitting the three and the Brewers now getting into their hosts, the gap gradually closed but ultimately the clock was against them as they turned a 32-point deficit into a 9-point defeat.

Afterwards Coach Lloyd shareds his thoughts: “With the game playing out as it did, if we had another quarter we’d have won that,” he said.

“I can’t fault the effort of the team here today, everyone has brought the effort. Where we struggled or some reason is the application.

“Mold are a big, strong, well-drilled team and you have to be at your best to go toe-to-toe with them. We prepared for that and we felt we were coming in ready to go at it – and the final quarter proved we were right.

“We just left it too late. You can’t trail so heavily across two quarters and expect anything from the game. We’re approaching the halfway point of the D1 campaign now and we need to get in the gym and make sure everyone is at their best for the next few crucial games.”

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