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NWBA D2: Brewers Lite 55 Wrexham Raiders 53

28th February, 2024 | News | 0 comments

“It aint about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

The famous Rocky quote was proven once more as Brewers Lite bounced back from a tough defeat – and weathered a tough Raiders side – to claim victory in the NWBA Division Two.

A heavy loss to Bromborough Bulldogs gave the Lite their first real setback this season. As a new development team it would be interesting to see how they reacted when facing a Wrexham Raiders side that combined some talented young players with wily veterans who know how to target the cracks.

The Brewers started much more composed than previously. Opting for their veteran back line of Adam Lloyd and Alec Doyle – the club’s longest-serving partnership in their 11th season together – they started solidly.

Marcin Fiedorowicz and Easaw George kicked off the scoring before a triple from Hannah Aldridge ensured Brewers led by two points at the first break.

Strong rebounding gave Andy Cain a valuable couple of points early in the second period, but beyond that the home side were a little cagey. Fouls did rack up and the Raiders capitalised, hitting back to swing the two-point advantage to them by the half despite a handy four points from Aaron de Guzman.

By the third the Brewers had settled however. Some small tactical tweaks by Head Coach Ben Scott nullified the threats Wrexham were looking for and it was time to take the game to the visitors.

George hit an early three before Alex ‘AJ’ Jones flicked the switch. He hit eight of his 11 points in that quarter – a vital contribution that saw him earn the MVP plaudits – as both teams cancelled each other out.

It was a close game with the Brewers trailing by two points and it remained that way until, with a minute to go, the game was tied up. Lite have rarely been in this position before, needing to dig deep to score and manage a game to the end.

But Easaw George got away to score two with 30 seconds remaining, taking his tally to 22 overall. The Lite then threw everything they had at Raiders to keep the ball out in the dying embers.

“That win was important, not for the standings but for the impact on the team,” said Scott afterwards.

“Despite the fact we are new and we are facing much more experienced teams, everyone was disappointed by the loss to Bulldogs.

“To come out and face an opponent like Wrexham – who never back down and know how to exploit any weakness – and to keep things tight before securing a victory late on shows incredible team spirit.

“Everyone played their part tonight and we will take a lot of positives from a result like that. It’s our second win in three games in Division Two and that’s a really good start to the campaign.

“Now it’s time to get into the gym and work on those areas we can improve before our next test.”

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