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NWBA D2: Bromborough Bulldogs 66 Brewers Lite 61

14th April, 2024 | News | 0 comments

An unbelievavble comeback made this a close loss but in truth, the visiting Brewers Lite let this one slip away.

Well prepared but missing a few key players, the Lite headed to the top team in the division believing they could come away with the points.

But another slow start put them on the back foot as the home sie made it difficult for them to execute their plays and hit an early rich vein of scoring form.

Despite this the Lite, skippered by Alec Doyle and extremely guard-heavy, only trailed by eight at the break. The second quarter saw Bulldogs turn the screw however and despite three point efforts from Hubert Paluch and Alex ‘AJ’ Jones, half time saw the visitors 42-25 down.

And in the third that lead extended, reaching 25 points before the Lite were able to crank up the pressure.

But when Ben Scott’s men turn it on, watch out. Lite came out after a mid-quarter time out a completely different team.

With Hayden Kavanagh taking responsibility inside they applied real, sustaied pressure and began to turn the tide. By the end of the third Bulldogs had only managed to extend their lead by five points but the story wasn’t over.

Shots from rane were not really dropping for anyone except Easaw George, who dropped 21 points. Even AJ was driving to the basket on his way to 15 points.

But down the stretch this became the Kavanagh show, as the young big man unleashed hell on the Bulldogs defence. He spearheaded thecomeback, landing 11 of his 13 points in the final quarter and playing out the entire 10 minutes dominating the paint as the Brewers rapidly reduced their deficit.

Unfortunately Scott’s men simply ran out of time and, while George deservedly earned the MVP award after the game, this one will surely be remembered as Kavanangh’s statement performance this season.

“There’s a few frustrations obviously,” said Scott afterwards. “It was frustrating that we didn’t find that intensity we had at the end earlier in the game.

“It’s frustrating that, as always, this game was punctuated with so many out of bounds calls because the court is simply too small. But we know that is coming and we have to deal with that.

“But once we started to work the ball the way we wanted to we were brilliant. For this team, at this stage, to turn a 25-point deficit into a five-point deficit in a quarter and a half against the leading team in this division shows just what we are capable of.

“We need to take confidence from that and focus on bringing that level of performance from the tip-off. Then we’ll really see something interesting!”

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