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NWBA D2: Wirral Raptors 84 Brewers Lite 38

6th May, 2024 | News | 0 comments

With their playoff spot assured Brewers Lite faced the Raptors looking to generate some momentum for the upcoming postseason.

Giving starting opportunities to some of the youngest members of the squad was a great opportunity for Ben Scott to test how they coped under pressure and they fared well. The Lite kept the hosts’ scoring down and kept pace, only trailing by six at the break.

Theo Harrison was particularly influential, keeping the ball swinging and committing physically on defence while Hayden Kavanagh found himself battling inside against some of the toughest offensive big men in the North Wales League and more than earning the right to play.

Meanwhile John Opiala was doing what he does, the livewire guard making himself hard to read as he mixed up shooting from range and rapid drives to pose problems for the Raptors defence.

The Raptors have been dominant in Division Two this season however and the Lite found maintaining that initial pace challenging.

A few mistakes crept in and Raptors switched up their play, restricting the Lite to just six points in the second quarter and stretching out their lead.

And they continued to push into the third, despite Jan Santos, MVP Opiala – who finished with 19 points – and the outstanding Andy Cain who claimed a flurry of late rebounds and putbacks to add a solid six points, trying to get the Lite going.

Kush Dayal came on in the third to try and add some steel to the defensive effort but Raptors were in a flow and knocking them off it was going take something extraordinary.

Despite the dedicated efforts of the younger players like Andrei and Andrew De Guzman and vets like Al Challenor, Adam Lloyd, Alec Doyle and Aris De Guzman it simply wasn’;t to be as the Raptors kept their foot on the gas until the result was secured.

Both teams meet again once more before the end of the regular season with a potential playoff meeting also on the cards.

“It simply wasn’t our night tonight,” said Scott afterwards. “Raptors are where they are for a reason, we know that, but we also know we can compete with them.

“This game was a disappointing result but a great learning experience for the younger guys. We gave them the responsibility to see how they handled it and they did well against a very tough side,

“The fact that the loss doesn’t have wider ramifications means they are able to learn from it without feeling dishertened, and they will definitely improve as a result of it. We learn much more through defeat than victory and this was a valuable experience.

“I was really proud of everyone today. It was a hard game for a number of reasons but no-one gave up and we all pulled together until the end. It will be interesting to see how we go next time out against the Raptors and fortunately we don’t have long to wait!”

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