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NWBA D2: Wyddgrug Magic 60 Brewers Lite 47

26th March, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The Curse of Alun struck again as Brewers Lite fell to defeat on the road against Wyddgrug Magic.

So soon after the narrow loss suffered in D1 by the Brewers, the fabled curse reared its head once more in NWBA Division Two, where the Lite were looking for their third win since the North Wales Basketball Association split.

In truth there was nothing supernatural about the result, as the game was dictated by the Lite simply being too slow out of the blocks.

Despite the efforts of John Opiala to drive the ball at pace, the offence broke down too often in the early stages. At the other end a run of fouls allowed Magic to put on a handful of points and finish the opening quarter 21-7 ahead.

It was a lead that, while occasionally threatened, was never quite overturned by the visitors. Opiala ran himself into the ground on his way to an impressive 17-point haul, Magic struggling to deal with his dynamic offence.

Hubert Paluch was also in good form, mixing it up from range and inside on his way to 19 points and the MVP award.

The second quarter saw Lite run things a lot tighter, only allowing Magic to extend their lead by three points, and in the third they came out firing in the hope of turning the game around.

The result was a 14-10 quarter win for the Lite and a glimmer of hope that they could maybe reel in their hosts in the final 10 minutes.

But all Magic teams share a certain wiliness and though they did have one point guard fould out and seemed to struggle as the Lite pushed on, Ben Scott’s side had given themselves too big a task and the game got away from them.

There were scoring contributions from Hannah Aldridge, Hayden Kavanagh, Theo Harrison and Aristottle De Guzman but facing such a deficit it simply wasn’t enough.

“The truth is we let that game go in the first quarter,” said Scott. “Giving them something to defend made our job a lot harder.

“But the important thing to remember is that Brewers Lite is a development team. We are still learning and puting it all together. What we did show in this game was heart. We fought and we never stopped fighting and with an attitude like that we have nothing to worry about.

“That result leaves us 50% in the league, two wins, two losses. We’re in a great position for a team which was formed seven months ago, has recruited since and is in it’s first season against players who have come through the junior ranks together.

“Straight afterwards those results hurt, of course they do. But we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and take the lessons into the next training session and the next game.”

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