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NWBA: Wrexham Warriors 56 Brewers 63

21st March, 2018 | Archive, Brewers Basketball, LMC Lighting & Electrical, NWBA Regular Season, Wrexham Warriors | 0 comments

Brewers Championship 2018 A

A crunch game saw the Brewers, who needed just one more win to clinch the league title, pitted against a side that has been their bogey team since they joined the North Wales Basketball Association – Wrexham Warriors.

In a physically competitive but good-natured contest, the Warriors never allowed the Brewers to stretch ahead and there were more lead changes in this game than in any other Brewers match this season.

Despite a great scoring performance from Kevin Ozoemelam, the LMC Lighting and Electrical Services MVP with 21 points, plus important contributions on both sides of the ball from Aaron Rey, Mark Singer, Russ Brookes, Mal Stocker-Jones, Rob Smith, Jake Cooke and Steve Flanagan, the Warriors were constantly on their heels, if not occasionally ahead of them. Key performances from MVP ANdy Morris and top scorer Daniel Lloyd-Jones with 18 points ensured it remained close.

With just a minute and a half left on the clock long-time Brewer Alec Doyle’s return to the fold was set to continue until a power cut threatened to put paid to the game early. But before the visitors could contact sponsors LMC to work their magic, power was restored and the Brewers were able to see out the victory.