NameHeightPositionGames PlayedAverage PPG
Dan Partington6’8”Centre96.4
Joel Homfray6’3″Centre77.6
Josiah Mainwaring6’1”Forward76.1
Mal Stocker-Jones6’1″Guard310.7
Matt Parkes6’3″Forward74.1
Aaron De Guzman5’7”Guard54.6
Sebastian Kuczinsky*5’11”Guard54.0
Adam Lloyd6’0″Forward82.1
Terry McGuire6’2″Centre82.1
Danny Penney6’4″Forward62.5
Tomasz Wasik5’9”Guard52.4
Wissam Elkak5'6"Guard33.0
Ronni Almonte5'5"Guard32.7
Matty Pyke6'7"Centre32.7
Alec Doyle5’4″Forward80.8
Nick Whittaker5'10"Guard15.0
Sean Roberts6'0"Forward50.8
Andrea Mauro6'1"Forward21.5
Maneer Ghani5'8"Guard30.3
James Jolley5’9”Guard00.0
Luke Fletcher5’8″Guard40.0
Alex Challenor5’11”Forward30.0
Leszek Dorozik6’3″Forward00.0

*no longer with the club


Coming soon…

Want to Join The Club?

The Brewers were founded to provide a platform for anyone to play basketball. All are welcome, no experience required, just come along down and join in.
Sessions are at Blacon High School on Tuesdays and Ellesmere Port Catholic High School on Thursdays. Check Facebook and our website for the latest updates.
Simply contact us on any of our platforms. Send a message to our Head Coach Alec Doyle on the Brewers Basketball Facebook page or e-mail us

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