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Terry Price Cup: Cheshire Brewers 80 Barry Huskies 63

8th May, 2017 | Archive, Terry Price Cup | 0 comments

TP Game2 34 small

The injury-plagued Cheshire Brewers somehow rediscovered their form in the dying embers of their season to overcome Barry Huskies and take their place as the third best team in Wales in the Terry Price Cup.

As head coach Tom Griffiths juggled his ever-depleting roster, from somewhere the confidence returned and the runs began. Robbed of the on-court influence of Pete Arden, the youthful vigor of Danny Pearce and forced to carefully manage the struggling Steve Flanagan, MVP Iker Amuchastegui and Che Ofili, Griffiths saw his team finally dig themselves out of trouble and re-establish themselves and their natural style of play.

From the bench Adam Lloyd made a real impact, bringing energy and physicality on defence to assist teammates Rob Smith, Jake Cooke and Alan Lawrence, the four of them sharing the load as Griffiths attempted to protect those carrying knocks.

By the end the Brewers had rediscovered their swagger and though it was too late to translate into silverware this season, the side was able to put the season to bed with an uplifting performance.